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Attack of the Orange Shirts

This morning 8:30ish, a guy in a bright orange shirt shows up and says he's from the water company. Doesn't say anything else, but responds in the affirmative when I ask if he's there to read the meter. Turns out he's not there to read the meter, but to do something to the meter. When I ask if this would involve turning off the water, he says yes and asks if thats a problem. Yeah, at 8:30 am, with no notice, thats likely to be a problem. Also have to ask about three times how long the thing he needs to do will take, so I can figure out when a good time for someone to come back will be.

About half an hour later, a guy in a bright orange shirt shows up to read the gas meter. Thankfully uneventful.

So, around lunch time, since its a nice day, I head to a nearby park to eat and do some reading. I'm not there long when a landscaping crew shows up, all wearing bright orange shirts. They were nice, and assured me I didn't have to leave, but between grass pollen and loud equipment, I was out of there.

Heres hoping that's it for the day.
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Dear Revolution,

Two things that will not immeadiately stop forward momentum, crossbow bolts and killing the engines to a plane. No. Really. The plane will not drop straight down, and neither will a guy who's running forward.

This isn't rocket science.
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This Probably Makes Sense to Someone

So to celebrate Labor Day, Best Buy was running a three day sale and offering free shipping. I decided to save three bucks in bus fare and buy a cd and two used video games on Monday.

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With any luck package 1 will come today, but I'm not sure the PO delivers packages on Saturdays. :( Mail came right before I was going to post this. They came! :) I still think the system is set up badly, so my rant still stands. (They weren't even in a box, just a padded envolope that isn't much bigger than the thing the cd was in.)

*How exactly is, "we'll deliver your package part way, then let the USPS do the rest of the work" innovative rather than lazy?

How To Make Inner Geeks Flee

Someone, somewhere, declared tomorrow "National Embrace Your Inner Geekness Day."

I found this out from the "helpful" article my local paper printed, complete with a handy cheat sheet to help you brush up on your inner geekness for those who don't know how.

Here are some of their suggestions:

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They do have several shorter suggestions in the movie and book categories, and yes, TV shows don't have to be watched in their entirety, but it doesn't offer any tips on where someone new to all things geeky might want to start and presents seriously time consuming items with no hint to their length.

Frankly, I don't think the staff writer who was assigned this article has even met his inner geek.

Oh, Friday is also National French Fry Day. I think I'll celebrate both by going to BK and working on some fanfic.

*Based on my copies, minus the appendices.

What A Difference 30 Years Makes

I'm pretty sure that if you told a cover artist that you book contained a male vampire nowadays, you'd get a broody emo pretty boy in the late-teens to mid-twenties range. But, let us travel back in time to the eighties. I give you Path of the Eclipse.

From the Goodreads summary: China, Tibet, India 1213-1219.

Collapse )From the background figures on the first one, I guess someone told the artist something about the book, but I'm pretty sure:
  1. Nobody in Europe dressed like that at the time.
  2. Nobody, even Europeans, in China, Tibet, or India dressed like that at the time.
  3. That if the main character showed up next Halloween, appropriately dressed for your "Come as a clichéd vampire" themed party, he still would not be dressed like that.

Thoughts from my trip to see The Avengers

Finally got round to seeing The Avengers. On the plus side, it rocked and it was nice to see that Black Widow not only kicked butt in a fight, but was given a role bigger than token female. On the down side, despite the presence of a fairly major female SHIELD agent, it managed to fail the Bechdel test. :(

Prometheus looked promising from the trailer. So does Brave, but I can easily see that getting screwed up. *crosses fingers*

If I can get a guarantee that someone will utter the line, "You sank my battleship!"* in the movie, I will consider seeing Battleship. (Seriously, if the best you can do is "from the same company as the Transformers toys", you shouldn't attempt that kind of line in your movie ad.)

Meanwhile, the local mall apparently doesn't want my business anymore. I was looking for jeans. They seem to be down to one store that, theoretically, stocks my size. (Last time I checked, Torrid's short/petite jeans would have required 4" heels to fit my legs. And I'm on the tall end of petite.)

*He, she, they, or it are all expectable substitutes for "you."


So, what's step one of setting up your Wireless N Networking Adapter for the Xbox 360?

Hook your 360 up to your modem and follow the onscreen directions to download the driver.

Uh, Microsoft... if I could easily do that, I wouldn't have shelled out $75 to connect the damn thing wirelessly. *Sigh* At least I already own an ethernet cable.

Okay, it turned out to be just a really poorly worded manual.

Microsoft, please add the word "if" to your vocabulary. "If you need to download a driver..." would not have had me contemplating the best way to move a tv and 360 up a flight of stairs.

Not This Crap Again

Okay, I get that when you're talking about a subject it's easier to say "All women..." or "All men...", but frankly I'm tried of it.

I really don't appreciate being informed that in the '80s I a) loved hair metal, b) cared more about a band's looks than their musical talent, and c) liked power ballads, while I'm watching a documentary on heavy metal, just because I happen to be female.

For the record, a) some hair/glam/pop metal bands were okay, some were utter crap, most were forgettable, but I can't think of any that rose beyond "like" in my opinion. B) Most of them looked damn silly. C) Most love songs just kind of blend together into a mass of sameness to me. The power ballad I really liked from the 80s? "18 and Life" by Skid Row. Nothing says romance like the story of a down-on-his-luck kid who ends up in jail after accidentally shooting another kid.

Also, I own two pairs of shoes. They're both practical for walking in and I wouldn't  trade them for them for a closetfull of those ugly fashionable shoes.*

*Okay, if you offered me enough money, I would. As long as I wasn't required to actually wear or keep them.
Edited, because the next song seemed to fit the rant better.