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Hurricane Prep

Yesterday, I went shopping and made sure I had plenty of food.

Today, I realized that all the food I bought needs cooking. *facepalm*

I don't think the gas is likely to be knocked out, and I have fireplace matches, so not fatal.

Besides, I can just cook it all today or tomorrow. Yum, cold hamburgers. :P

Maybe I should go get a few veggies and canned stuff.

*crosses fingers* The paper said they were expecting it to be more of a rain and flooding problem, than a wind problem, so here's hoping the power stays on.

Right now, charging everything and tracking down flashlights. I think I can find something to read if the power goes out. :)
1:00pm- *Sheesh* I though S&S before a snow storm was a mad house.

Okay, I now have some food that doesn't require heating and an emergancy supply of bottled water.

We have plenty of AA and C batteries, a battery powered radio, enough flashlights, a fully charged phone, and I've renewed a couple of items due back at the library on Monday.

I think I'm as ready as I'm going to get.

Things That Make You Go, "Huh?"

FedEx delivered my new phone about an hour ago! :D
I saw them pull up, so I was waiting by the door when the driver ran up to the porch, placed the package on the garbage can, put a piece of paper on top of it, and left.

The piece of paper? A blank FedEx door tag. These are the things they leave if there isn't anyone there to receive the package. I have no idea why he left it.

On a less confusing note:

Finished switching from phone two to phone three. Unlike when I switched from phone one to phone two, the online instructions were actually correct.

Since they seem to have no cases in stock for my new phone, I was glad to see that my new phone fits in my old case well enough to get by for a while.

Off to feed my phone some better ringtones. I hope they still have "The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove."
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I Love Sane Companies!

Today I discovered that Virgin Mobile will let me use the money I have to put on my phone every 90 days to buy a new phone off their website. :D

Since my old phone really doesn't hold a charge anymore, and I rarely use my phone, this is great news!
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