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No Good, Very Bad, Yesterday

Hate to start my first entry by griping, but hey, who's going to actually read this.

Yesterday, as I stopped for groceries, I found a huge* spider crawling on me.

Eventually, I decided that (despite being a freaky, hairy, monstrosity) it didn't deserve to die for that.

So, I transfered it to a tissue, evicted from the car, grabbed my purse, and got out. That's when I realized, in my freaked out state, I'd left my keys in the car. And I'd never got round to moving my spare set to my new purse. Or my cell phone.

Okay, it could have been worse. I could have left my purse in the car. Or not been near a useful bus line. Or keep my house key on the same ring as the car key (I did learn that lesson from the first time I locked myself out of a car.)

Still, it's kind of annoying to realize that if I'd gone my first instinct, and squashed the eight legged monstrosity, I'd probably have been more composed and remembered my key.

I hate it when the universe decides to be perverse when you've just done something nice.

*Not tarantula huge. But all spiders are huge when they freak you out.