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Happy Halloween!

Its didn't get canceled this year due to freak snowstorms or hurricanes! We even got one batch of trick or treaters, so far.
Spending the day playing Oblivion*. It may look like a fantasy rpg, but so far this week I've killed vampires, ghosts, skeletons, and zombies.

[Halloween by Helloween]

*Bought it back in 2006, about time I finished the main story line so I can justify coveting Skyrim (Legendary Edition).

This Probably Makes Sense to Someone

So to celebrate Labor Day, Best Buy was running a three day sale and offering free shipping. I decided to save three bucks in bus fare and buy a cd and two used video games on Monday.

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With any luck package 1 will come today, but I'm not sure the PO delivers packages on Saturdays. :( Mail came right before I was going to post this. They came! :) I still think the system is set up badly, so my rant still stands. (They weren't even in a box, just a padded envolope that isn't much bigger than the thing the cd was in.)

*How exactly is, "we'll deliver your package part way, then let the USPS do the rest of the work" innovative rather than lazy?

I conquer Black Friday!

Wednesday, I noticed a great deal Best Buy would be having.
This morning, I made a quick trip out and scored the great deal.
No pushing. No shoving. No crowds.

Okay... maybe I cheated a little.
The trip was to Walgreens for a gift card.
And, yeah, I don't actually get the item until mid-to-late December, due to it being back-ordered.

But a $50 dvd for $12.99 with free shipping is worth the wait.
And I saved 3 bucks in bus fair. :D

Extra Points for the Scavenger Hunt, Maybe?

Dear local library,

Why are you hiding all the stuff on summer reading lists in the children's dept.?

Okay, I can see the point of keeping it all together, but only to a point. The YA section is in a completely different part of the library, so I doubt the kids in 9th+ would start by looking somewhere else in the building.

This is, of course, assuming they've started doing assigned reading for the lower grades in this town. If they haven't, you're completely inexplicable.

On a related note, The Hunger Games is a really good book so far.

I think I may be the last person in these parts to actually read it, since most of the copies of the series were available. At least I now have plans for the holiday weekend. :)


Today was the library's winter books sale. My TBR pile has just increased by nine books. Together, they cost $0.30 less than a new mmpb+tax would, and most of them are hardcover.

I really need to catch up on my reading. I still have two library books out, one which is due back this week. Since the next seasons of Doctor Who and Torchwood are still listed as "requested", and libraries are likely to be closed Monday, I, hopefully, will be able to make good amount of progress before they show up.

The library did almost give me a heart attack though. The last thing one wants to find is that they still think you have a DVD set with $80 price tag that you already returned. Fortunately, it seems they just somehow hadn't scanned it and a phone call cleared it up. Glad I didn't have to check the shelf like when Blockbuster did that to me, it was from a different library.

And why the fuck does LJ keep trying to send me back to my "friends" page? It's done it four times while I've been typing this entry. Or should I be growling at Firefox?

Really, really, annoying.

Happy Valentine's Day

My local library has decided to celebrate V-day by handing out bookmarks wishing their patrons a happy valentine's day when they borrow a book.

And in general, it seems like a reasonable idea.

But it looks a bit weird sticking out of Star Wars: Death Troopers.

Happy Halloween!

Carved my first Jack O'Lantern this year. :D
I would have posted a picture, but my phone decided not to have the camera part work. :(
It's a little lopsided, but it turned out fairly well IMNSHO.

So far no trick-o-treaters, but it's early. Down one candy bar though. ;)
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