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The local paper is promising me a "full day of sunshine" tomorrow. When did I start living in "The Walrus and the Carpenter"?
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From the front of my junk mail, "Switch to AAA Auto Insurance and save with an innovative loyalty discount."
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Maybe Buffy Stopped It?

Not that I was expecting my atheist ass to be raptured...
But, no signs of earthquakes, either.

I guess this isn't the end of times.

I'm shocked! Shocked!*

*Here is your money, monsieur.
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Happy Valentine's Day

My local library has decided to celebrate V-day by handing out bookmarks wishing their patrons a happy valentine's day when they borrow a book.

And in general, it seems like a reasonable idea.

But it looks a bit weird sticking out of Star Wars: Death Troopers.

I Think They Might Be Doing It Wrong

Just watched the first episode of the the new Sherlock on Masterpiece Mystery*.

I enjoyed it, but I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be repeatedly telling the TV Holmes who the killer is, long before he actually figured it out.

Hope they pick a less obvious killer in the next episode.

*I'm glad they didn't totally get rid of the old opening, but I can't say I like the way the new one uses the snippets that are left. :(