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Hurricane Prep

Yesterday, I went shopping and made sure I had plenty of food.

Today, I realized that all the food I bought needs cooking. *facepalm*

I don't think the gas is likely to be knocked out, and I have fireplace matches, so not fatal.

Besides, I can just cook it all today or tomorrow. Yum, cold hamburgers. :P

Maybe I should go get a few veggies and canned stuff.

*crosses fingers* The paper said they were expecting it to be more of a rain and flooding problem, than a wind problem, so here's hoping the power stays on.

Right now, charging everything and tracking down flashlights. I think I can find something to read if the power goes out. :)
1:00pm- *Sheesh* I though S&S before a snow storm was a mad house.

Okay, I now have some food that doesn't require heating and an emergancy supply of bottled water.

We have plenty of AA and C batteries, a battery powered radio, enough flashlights, a fully charged phone, and I've renewed a couple of items due back at the library on Monday.

I think I'm as ready as I'm going to get.

Maybe Buffy Stopped It?

Not that I was expecting my atheist ass to be raptured...
But, no signs of earthquakes, either.

I guess this isn't the end of times.

I'm shocked! Shocked!*

*Here is your money, monsieur.
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Planning a Road Trip to the Beach?

Try to schedule it for before the apocalypse.*

Just got back from seeing The Road. I found it to be an interesting study of the depths that humanity can sink to, given the right circumstances. Of course the odds that you'll survive to see what appears to be a nuclear winter are low enough that you probably shouldn't worry,

*Since I just finished buying presents for the holidays, that may be occurring any time now.