Did You Listen To It?

Its hot and I was bored, so I ended up watching an infomercial for Time Life's Power of Love collection. 150 timeless love songs from the 70s-90s, most of which were probably from the 70s or early 80s since I didn't recognize them. Not my thing, but whatever. However, if you ordered with your credit card during the infomercial, besides not charging you $17 in shipping, you also got a free bonus cd of 18 feel good love songs. Such as... "Missing You" by John Waite.

Yeah, a song about I guy trying to convince himself he's over a painful breakup. Makes you wonder what other feel good songs they turned down for that slot. "Love Will Tear Us Apart"? "One More Minute"? "Every Breath You Take"?


Today was my local library's spring book sale. :D
And they'd raised the price of paperbacks to $0.50 :/
And the selection was rather anemic. :(

Only ended up spending four dollars for five books.

The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley (I remember hearing good things about this. Then again, I heard the same about Sunshine.)
And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie (Read it before under the original title. This is a better title.)
Paradise Lost by John Milton (One of those books I feel I should read at some point.)
Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco (One of those books I feel I should give a second chance to.)
The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood (I like the author, so why not.)
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Birthday Thoughts

There comes a time in life when birthdays are a quiet, sober marker of another year's passage. One step closer to the inevitable grave.

But not this one. So...

OMG! OMG! I got a plushy Loch Ness Monster!!!!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
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At Least It Was Free

Received an advanced reader copy of a book today. It warns me on the front, back, and inside that this is an "Uncorrected Proof" and may contain parts that won't be in the final version. Sounds great. An early look at a book that... came out in it's final form yesterday. :/

I'm thinking a December giveaway would have made more sense for this book.
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Sandy hits, we lose cable for about forty minutes and power flickers a few times.
The next day, cable goes out for six hours.

Yesterday a Nor'easter hits, we lose cable for a couple of hours.
Today, power goes out for a couple of hours.

Okay, I know we've been lucky, but I wish the inconvenient outages would happen when you'd expect or not at all.

Also got a reminder of why I don't watch entertainment "news" shows while waiting for a pizza. No competent psychiatrist would try to diagnose anything solely by watching a tv interview and the movie of World War Z looks as bad as I was afraid it would.


The CW is back on my cable system. :D
Unfortunately, the CW's website has the worst video I've run across on the web. Catching up on the four episodes I've missed is a pita. :(
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