*Blows Dust Off Journal*

So, this year I tried to do NaNoWriMo again and this happened:

Not sure how it happened, but I ended up with 71,505 words (approximately) of a first draft that I can see ways to make it readable.

My previous record was 24,422 of unsalvageable dreck.

Books Read 2013

My complete list of books I read in 2013, with links for the ones I reviewed

1)Seize the Night-Sherrilyn Kenyon (4/5)
2)A Cast of Stones-Patrick W. Carr (4/5)
3)Dark Side of the Moon-Sherrilyn Kenyon (4.5/5)
4)The Ghost Map-Steven Johnson (4/5)
5)Devil May Cry-Sherrilyn Kenyon (3.5/5)
6)Bad Moon Rising-Sherrilyn Kenyon (3.5/5)
7)Rosemary and Rue-Seanan McGuire (4.5/5)
8)The Cornerstone-Anne C. Petty (3.5/5)

9)Furies of Calderon-Jim Butcher (4.5/5)
10)Justinian's Flea-William Rosen (4/5)
11)The Name of the Wind-Patrick Rothfuss (4.5/5)
12)American Elsewhere-Robert Jackson Bennett (3.5/5)

13)The Barbary Plague-Marilyn Chase (5/5)
14)Of Muppets and Men-Christopher Finch (3/5)
15)The Well of Lost Plots-Jasper Fforde (4/5)
16)Last Days-Adam Nevill (1/5)
17)Scoundrels-Timothy Zahn (4.5/5)

18)Firelight-Kristen Callihan (4/5)
19)Feersum Endjinn-Iain M. Banks (3/5)
20)Three Bags Full-Leonie Swann (4.5/5)
21)Transition-Iain M. Banks (4/5)
22)Zombies Need Love Too-Mark Tatulli (4/5)
23)The Player of Games-Iain M. Banks (4.5/5)
24)The Mermaid's Madness-Jim C. Hines (4.5/5)
25a)A Counterfeit Proposal-Mary Balogh (1/5)

26)1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die-Peter Boxall (editor) (3/5)
27)Use of Weapons-Iain M. Banks (5/5)
25b)The Notorious Rake-Mary Balogh (3/5)
28)Stonemouth-Iain Banks (3.5/5)
29)Fuzzy Nation-John Scalzi (5/5)
30)Lover Be Mine-Nicole Jordan (3/5)
31a)Bunnicula-Deborah and James Howe (5/5)
32)Dracula-Bram Stoker (4.5/5)
31c)The Celery Stalks at Midnight-James Howe (3/5)
33a)Bloodlist-P.N. Elrod (4/5)

31b)Howliday Inn-James Howe (2/5)
34)The Vampire Tapestry-Suzy McKay Charnas (3.5/5)
35)The Wasp Factory-Iain Banks (3.5/5)
36)The Rest Falls Away-Colleen Gleason (4/5)
37)Rises the Night-Colleen Gleason (4/5)
38)The Bleeding Dusk-Colleen Gleason (3.5/5)
39)When Twilight Burns-Colleen Gleason (4/5)
40)As Shadows Fade-Colleen Gleason (4.5/5)
41)Roman Dusk-Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (2.5/5)
42)Borne in Blood-Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (4/5)

43)Those Who Hunt the Night-Barbara Hambly (5/5)
44)The Stress of Her Regard-Tim Powers (4.5/5)
45)An Embarrassment of Riches-Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (3.5/5)
46)The Strain-Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan (4/5)
47)Fledgling-Octavia E. Butler (3/5)
33b)Lifeblood-P.N. Elrod (4/5)
33c)Bloodcircle-P.N. Elrod (4.5/5)
48)Way of the Wolf-E.E. Knight (4/5)

49)Night Pilgrims-Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (4/5)
50)Let the Right One In-John Ajvide Lindqvist (5/5)
51a)Art in the Blood-P.N. Elrod (4/5)
52a)Goblin Quest-Jim C. Hines (5/5)
52b)Goblin Hero-Jim C. Hines (4.5/5)
53)Ready Player One-Ernest Cline (5/5)
54)The Fall-Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan (4/5)
55)I Am Legend-Richard Matheson (4/5)
56)Burning Shadows-Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (4/5)

51b)Fire in the Blood-P.N. Elrod (4/5)
57)Zealot:The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth-Reza Aslan (4/5)
58)The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms-N.K. Jemisin (5/5)
59)Calculated in Death-J.D. Robb (4/5)
60)Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?-Philip K. Dick (4.5/5)
61)The Android's Dream-John Scalzi (3/5)

62)Betrayal-Julian Stockwin (3/5)
63)Joyland-Stephen King (4.5/5)
64)Uzumaki Vol.1-Junji Ito (4/5)
65)Uzumaki Vol.2-Junji Ito (4/5)
66)Uzumaki Vol.3-Junji Ito (3/5)
67)Dave Barry's History of the Millennium (So Far)-Dave Barry (4/5)
68)The (3/5)
69)Thankless in Death-J.D. Robb (4.5/5)
70)The Fishing Widow-Amy K. Marshall (3.5/5)
71)Awoken-Serra Elinsen (4/5)

72)Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal-Mary Roach (4.5/5)
73)The Day of the Triffids-John Wyndham (4/5)
74)The Drawing of the Three-Stephen King (4.5/5)
75)William Shakespeare's Star Wars-Ian Doescher (3/5)
76)The Dark Tower-Stephen King (4.5/5)
77)Parasite-Mira Grant (4.5/5)
78)Dead Witch Walking-Kim Harrison (4.5/5)

79)The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black-E.B. Hudspeth (4/5)
80)The Curse of Malenfer Manor-Iain McChesney (4/5)
81)Martin Eden-Jack London (2/5)
52c)Goblin War-Jim C. Hines (5/5)
51c)Blood on the Water-P.N. Elrod (4/5)

Happy Halloween!

Its didn't get canceled this year due to freak snowstorms or hurricanes! We even got one batch of trick or treaters, so far.
Spending the day playing Oblivion*. It may look like a fantasy rpg, but so far this week I've killed vampires, ghosts, skeletons, and zombies.

[Halloween by Helloween]

*Bought it back in 2006, about time I finished the main story line so I can justify coveting Skyrim (Legendary Edition).


Another library book sale. The selection was a bit better and I found six books and five cds.

Books four and five of Dean Koontz Frankenstein series. (I now own the whole series and I still haven't read book one yet.)
Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel
Last to Die, Tess Gerritsen
The Green Mile, by Stephen King (It seemed easier, and cheaper, than tracking down the last couple of parts separately.)
Agnes Grey, by Anne Bronte (I now own one book by all three Bronte sisters.)

CDs (All minus case and booklet):
Two AC/DC cds
The Very Best of Rainbow
The Pulp Fiction soundtrack
St. Elsewhere by Gnarls Barkley
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Attack of the Orange Shirts

This morning 8:30ish, a guy in a bright orange shirt shows up and says he's from the water company. Doesn't say anything else, but responds in the affirmative when I ask if he's there to read the meter. Turns out he's not there to read the meter, but to do something to the meter. When I ask if this would involve turning off the water, he says yes and asks if thats a problem. Yeah, at 8:30 am, with no notice, thats likely to be a problem. Also have to ask about three times how long the thing he needs to do will take, so I can figure out when a good time for someone to come back will be.

About half an hour later, a guy in a bright orange shirt shows up to read the gas meter. Thankfully uneventful.

So, around lunch time, since its a nice day, I head to a nearby park to eat and do some reading. I'm not there long when a landscaping crew shows up, all wearing bright orange shirts. They were nice, and assured me I didn't have to leave, but between grass pollen and loud equipment, I was out of there.

Heres hoping that's it for the day.
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The Disadvantage of Old Tech

When you lose it, you have to put more effort into describing it at a store's lost and found.

The advantage of old tech is, its pretty much guaranteed to make it to a store's lost and found.

I could live without it, but altogether I'm glad no one mistook my Palm Pilot for a smart phone.
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